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The gardens at Whitehall Mansion are one of the loveliest wedding venues in Louisville and I’m so honored to have captured Jared & Caroline’s wedding day there last June. Happy anniversary, you two! From the moment I talked with Caroline, her personality shined right through the phone. She is so kind, vibrant, and makes you […]

Neil & Kaylee: A Richwood on the River outdoor wedding Louisville KY None of us knew what 2020 would bring. For Neil & Kaylee, they got engaged and planned for a beautiful 2020 May wedding. Unfortunately, circumstances forced them to postpone to June, but oh my what the perfect day it was. A Richwood on the […]

Churchill Downs Wedding KY

Hello blogging world! I am back! I’ve taken a few years off to have babies (yes, multiple babies if you didn’t know!), but that’s a whole other blog post. This post is all about Tanner & Celeste and their incredible colorful Churchill Downs wedding day. I see so much of myself and my husband Matt […]

The Gardencourt was the perfect spot for their #Brunetsoi·rée with its incredible architecture, lovely gardens, and old world charm. The history geek in me loves all the historical/vintage venues. Kathryn’s dress literally made me giddy and the fact that she was ecstatic to just twirl and enjoy her dress makes her my kind of gal! Peter gave his groomsmen custom engraved pocket watches, which is one of the neatest groomsmen gifts I’ve seen. The flowers were perfect, the food was tasty, the weather was awesome, and the dancing was on point!

Jon & Amanda have an enchantingly kind quality about them that just poured over into every aspect of their wedding day: the stunning old mansion, lovely flowers, family-filled wedding party, personal touches, and sweet, sweet interactions. It was just a wonderful day that I know I won’t forget anytime soon!

Nov 17

Life Update: 2022 Announcement

It’s life update time! If you came here from Instagram, then you know the news! If not, surprise! Our lives are about to get that much more chaotic, hahaha. Baby Johnson #3 is due to arrive in February 2023. We are all so excited and I don’t even know where to begin as a type. […]


Aug 17

Life Update August 2021

It has been A WHILE, to put it very lightly, since I’ve blogged. Let alone a personal blog! I think my last personal blog was about being pregnant in 2018. Wow! So long ago. For those who don’t know, but I’m 99.9% certain everyone knows, Valerie was born in September 2018 and then Irene joined […]


Sep 10

Journey to Parenthood – Part 3

With less than 2 weeks until our due date, this last post of our journey to parenthood series couldn’t be more fitting. Pregnancy for me has looked a little different than a lot of women. In Part 1, I talked about how motherhood just wasn’t something I wanted for a long, long time. And because […]


Aug 17

Journey to Parenthood – Part 2

Part 1 of this series of our journey to parenthood was all about my heart and lack of desire for motherhood, but also how that changed after a whole lot of prayer and petition to the Lord. This second part is completely different! As the Lord changed my heart to desire to be a mom […]


Aug 3

Journey to Parenthood – Part 1

It’s been a few months since we made our big life update announcement about Baby Johnson’s arrival. It seems like 2018 has been flying by, but also slowing down as September approaches (and as my belly grows). I mentioned in that previous post that I wanted to blog a little bit about our “journey to […]


May 17


This is the post that has been a long time coming for many of you. Any time I would post about an announcement or change, the first thing I’d be asked about is babies! Hahaha. Well, for all of those people, this post is for you!! Yes, it’s true! We’re expecting a new family member […]


Mar 8

Life Update: The Great Flood of 2018

When I created my new website, I wanted to incorporate more of my life into my blog, which is what Her Heart is Glad and these Life Update posts are for! Usually, they are happy or exciting, but this one isn’t quite so much… though it is at the same time. For those that follow […]


Jan 30

Life Update: House Progress 2

It’s been a few months since I last updated everyone on our house progress. In my last post in September, we had just completed a week of renovation camp with Matt’s parents and uncle. They helped us do so many things; the majority of which was removing walls and installing two beams. Needless to say, […]


Sep 27

Life Update: House Progress 1

It’s update time! So many people have been asking about our new house and I’m finally able to give an update! First, we’ve officially moved in! We spent a month going back and forth from our apartment to the house doing cleaning, painting, putting in new carpet, and slowly moving over boxes and bags of […]

DIY, Lifestyle, Personal

Aug 4

Life Update: Houses and Stitches

It’s that time again when I blog to update all my sweet readers about what the Johnsons (or this pair anyway) are up to. And well if you’ve seen the title of this post, you have a good idea! First, HOUSE! Yes, we bought a house! We are so excited to be home owners and […]

Lifestyle, Personal

Mar 7

Life Update: Our 2017 so far

One of my goals for 2017 is to write more “life update” posts on my blog. Our move to Kentucky has made many of our friendships long-distance, and it’s times like this I am thankful to live in a time with social media. I’m able to follow and communicate with dear friends all over from […]


Oct 6

Life Update: The Story Behind SBTS

The idea of us moving from Hampton Roads wasn’t new. We never actually intended to stay in the area very long. Matt had gotten a job at the shipyard and in order to support us getting married, it was necessary. But after we tied the knot and started our lives as husband and wife, we […]