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October 4, 2018

Gardencourt Wedding Louisville KY

Gardencourt Wedding Louisville KY

I write this often in my blog posts, and I guess I seriously do have the best couples, but I adore Peter & Kathryn. These two are just so cool in the educated-nerdy-adventure-seeking kind of way (aka super cool to this boring nerd, haha). Not only are they pursuing their dreams, enjoying travels, and “living their best lives” but they are completely smitten with each other. It TOTALLY showed throughout their whole wedding day at the Gardencourt in Louisville, KY.

Planning from 2,000 miles away

Somehow from California, they planned this amazing wedding. Family and friends traveled from all over the country to celebrate with them. The Gardencourt in Louisville KY was the perfect spot for their #Brunetsoi·rée. It has incredible architecture, lovely gardens, and old world charm. The history geek in me loves all the historical/vintage venues.

The details

Kathryn’s dress literally made me giddy and the fact that she was ecstatic to just twirl and enjoy her dress makes her my kind of gal! Peter gave his groomsmen custom engraved pocket watches, which is one of the neatest groomsmen gifts I’ve seen. The flowers were perfect, the food was tasty, the weather was awesome, and the dancing was on point! Peter and Kathryn also incorporated some unique cultural details into their wedding like having a Rya which is a Finnish tradition of marrying on a special rug so that you can always return to the exact spot you were married. How sweet is that? They also had a special German toast with a really cool bridal cup that two people can drink out of at the same time!

Peter & Kathryn just made their day so unique and a reflection of who they are individually and as a couple. Again, I adore them and feel so overwhelming blessed to have been a part of their wedding. Their wedding will always be one to remember for a number of reasons, but mostly because of them and the fact that I was 37 weeks pregnant! Haha. What a fun day. Enjoy lots of my favorites!

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