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I became a photographer a decade ago because I loved capturing moments. Now, I continue to pursue photography because of the people in them. Time passes so quickly and photographs are a small, precious window into the past, preserving memories for yourself and your loved ones. 

Hi, I'm Karyn Johnson, a purple obsessed wife, mom, and Louisville, KY wedding photographer!


Timeless photographs inviting emotional and historical connection

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The Bishops

I can't express how thankful and blessed we were to have Karyn as a part of our wedding... The best investment you will ever make on your wedding day is the ability to capture and save the memories of your best day forever...


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The Lohners

Karyn is the sweetest and most personable photographer you could ask for! She makes wedding day jitters melt away with her confident direction and organization the day of (and being a bride, that is definitely appreciated!)


//  View their foggy mountain lodge wedding

The Grays

Karyn is simply wonderful! We worked with her for both our engagement and wedding. We could not have made a better choice. Karyn is passionate about her work and it shows. 


Let's be honest...

In 2011 I photographed my first wedding and in 2012, I got married myself! I loved my wedding, but I now question some of my wedding day choices. All trends go out of style, and I definitely feel this when I look at my wedding photos. I promise orange was the Pantone color of the year! Click here to see why.

Regardless of those questionable design choices, my wedding photos transport me back to that day. I see those terrible orange bridesmaids dresses and the sweet, smiling bridesmaids in them, and I remember exactly how it felt to be back in that purple sanctuary.

A decade later, I am so thankful to look at my wedding photos and actually see what it looked and felt like. They are not overly artistic or edited to be dark and moody or bright and saturated just because that style might be interesting. Instead, our photographer captured our photos in a timeless style which truly captured the day. I want my clients to have the same experience.

I give my couples timeless, authentic photos full of life and light so that years later they can relive every smile, tear, loving embrace, and everything in between. I can’t promise you won’t laugh at your design choices, but I can promise you’ll have beautiful wedding images that accurately and truthfully preserve your day.

A lot changes in a decade

Photo Credit: Karen Allen