I had the privilege of growing up with grandparents who valued family and photos. In their living room hung a collage of “first cuzs.” And while I had only met 1 of the 15 siblings of my great grandfather, I felt closer to them through these photographs. My grandparents, mom, and aunt would tell stories of these beloved family members and it kept their memory alive, even in me. This is what sparked my deep passion for timeless wedding photography.

Old photos especially hold a special place in my heart. I run my fingers across faces of people I love and the people they loved, and now I love through association. Wedding days are one of the few days in a person’s life when their loved ones are professionally photographed. One day, we will be the faces in the photos being remembered by someone in the future who hopefully feels a connection with us through timeless, heartfelt images. 

ith over a decade of experience, my passion for photography stems from sentimentality. I love preserving moments in time.

Hello! I’m Karyn, a wedding photographer passionate about creating timeless photos full of light and life while providing a fun and reassuring experience.




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"We look back at our pictures and realize that for most shots, we don't even remember the photographer being there. We just remember the moment."

Karrisa, bride

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