January 30, 2018

Life Update: House Progress 2

It’s been a few months since I last updated everyone on our house progress. In my last post in September, we had just completed a week of renovation camp with Matt’s parents and uncle. They helped us do so many things; the majority of which was removing walls and installing two beams. Needless to say, all the work would not have been complete without them!

They came back in December to help us finish some of those projects like putting up the rest of the drywall, working on some electrical, and installing new basement windows. They braved the cold and cut drywall through flurries. We have such thoughtful family!

Oh and maybe most importantly, they gave me an early Christmas present: a garbage disposal! Does it mean I’ve reached adulthood when this gift is actually SUPER exciting?

The transformation so far looks great! I’ve been organizing life pictures looking at the old kitchen and I’ve already forgotten what it looked like. I love the openness and how much light is able to pass through the house. I’m just ready to finally enjoy it all!

Last week, we crossed a big milestone off the list with passing our electrical inspection! Yay! We’ve also gotten quotes from drywall companies and have scheduled the drywall mudding to happen in February! Another yay!! So things are moving along here at the Johnson Home and I am so excited to see it all come together. Matt and I haven’t had a living room since last September and I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve missed it. A living room is where you entertain and relax and just be in your house. We haven’t had that here yet, but I’m excited for that to come this spring!

So hopefully, my next life update: house progress post won’t take quite so long to post. Mid-March, I’m looking at you!

Happy Tuesday!