October 6, 2016

Life Update: The Story Behind SBTS

The idea of us moving from Hampton Roads wasn’t new. We never actually intended to stay in the area very long. Matt had gotten a job at the shipyard and in order to support us getting married, it was necessary. But after we tied the knot and started our lives as husband and wife, we dreamed of moving. We didn’t have a particular location in mind: just dreams and ideas.

I’ve always known Matt would probably attend seminary. It just took a few years for him to decide when he wanted to take that step. Spring 2015, we seriously started talking about changes. We weren’t 100% sure what those changes would be: new job, new home, new city, grad school, seminary. Just a change.

During the summer of 2015, we decided that seminary was finally on Matt’s radar. So Matt started seriously researching schools.¬†Some of our friends were doing programs in the Hampton Roads area, but they didn’t fit what Matt was looking for. We looked into others college friends were attending stretching from LA to Dallas to Boston. But none were the right fit until our pastor suggested Southern.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is the largest seminary in the U.S while also being one of the most conservative, but prestigious too. That combined with it’s location in Louisville made it the perfect spot for us.

Matt started classes in the spring of 2016 taking just one online. And he loved it! It blows my mind that someone actually enjoys studying and learning from a textbook… haha. That’s just not me! But I’m thankful the Lord has given him that passion and desire to learn!

Matt enrolled in another single online call this fall and will finish it this semester. We have no idea what next semester will look like yet, but we’re hoping Matt can be on-campus! Probably not as a full-time student yet, but hopefully soon! That’s all still up in the air and we have no idea what the next few years will look like for us, but being here is a start!

Matt’s eventual goal with seminary, at this point, is to teach… we think. We are open to the Lord’s direction! But, we do potentially see teaching on the horizon. For now, Matt is pursuing an M-Div in Theological Studies with a concentration in Apologetics, but as-stated we’re open to the Lord’s direction!

That’s just a brief look at our life right now and why we’ve made the move. It’s definitely an exciting, new adventure and we’ll just have to wait to see where it takes us.