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September 27, 2017

Life Update: House Progress 1

It’s update time! So many people have been asking about our new house and I’m finally able to give an update!

First, we’ve officially moved in! We spent a month going back and forth from our apartment to the house doing cleaning, painting, putting in new carpet, and slowly moving over boxes and bags of our things. But it’s finally all over! The lease on our apartment is up and we are all moved in. And when I say “all moved in” I mean all our things are in the house. Are they organized or in the right places? No. Like my olive oil. I cannot find it and have no idea where that got packed… I might need that for dinner! Haha.

Second, things aren’t unpacked and organized because we had a week of reno bootcamp, haha. Matt’s parents and uncle generously traveled here to help us do some major renovations. Our list was long and some things were put on the back burner and others were moved to the front. But we (and just know that when I say “we” I use that very loosely it was mostly Matt and his family who did everything, I just “supervised”) took down a few walls, opened up some doorways, raised a drop ceiling, and lots of other little things. It was a crazy week with long work days both of the renovation and wedding variety. But here we are the week after living in the aftermath.

There’s a lot more cleaning and organizing that needs to happen, but it’s just a busy season for us. Matt has his first test of the semester this week. I am on jury duty for 2 weeks. So everything is just a little all over the place. The drywall isn’t back up everywhere and it needs to be patched and painted. Because of that, this post isn’t a before and after post. It’s a before and progress post. 🙂

Before standing in the corner of the kitchen looking into the dining room and living room.

Progress: Looking into the kitchen from the dining room

Progress: Looking into the kitchen from the living room

It feels so much more open and allows light to pass more freely through the house. I’m excited about drywall going up and eventually paint, but we are in the “pause” phase right now where we just have to take care of real life. But hopefully mid-October we’ll see more progress!

Just to tell you a little bit about the progress pics and what’s to come:

Paint: My love of gray will be evident here! The living room and kitchen are likely to be gray. We’re still working on ideas for the dining room, but I’m leaning gray there too.

Cabinets: We bought and assembled some cabinets to be a temporary island! Temporary as in for like 1-2 years until we do a total kitchen reno, but I’m thinking that this winter I *might* try my hand at painting these bad boys. We’ll see. I’ll probably end up being too lazy/afraid to touch them. Plus many just need new doors, so it might not even be worth it. But a huge kitchen reno with new appliances is in our future!

Floors: The hardwood floors are obviously staying. The vinyl in the kitchen is saying goodbye when we redo the kitchen. So it’ll be there for a few more years, but will eventually be gone.

Living room: I am SO excited to set up the living room! We likely won’t have a living room until November or so when the drywall is up and painted, but that’s just in time for Christmas and I am SO looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year! I will be blogging more about the fireplace transformation too, so stay tuned for that.

Dining room: It will probably be YEARS until our dining room is a thing. Right now it’s our food storage and microwave hub. It’s the only place to sit other than on our bed or the carpet upstairs, haha. So while it’s used a lot, it’s low on the list to “finish”. One day I hope to have Matt make us a table, but again, YEARS down the road.

So that’s just a little update and probably way more info than what you wanted, haha. But it’s so much fun to dream and work and see things happening in our home! Thanks for joining us in this adventure. 🙂