Engagement, Photography

September 5, 2017

Andrew & Kate: Frankfurt Ave and Cherokee Park Engagements

Each couple that I’m meeting in Louisville makes me enjoy this city more and more! This year I’ve photographed couples at an antique store, in a cow pasture, playing ukuleles, and exploring a distillery. This session adds two more fun locations to my list: a book store and ice cream shop!

Andrew & Kate met through mutual friends and church. Their first date was spent exploring Frankfurt Avenue. Frankfurt is this really cool area in the city where there are tons of local shops and restaurants. It’s a perfect first (or any!) date spot. And these two spent hours together going to book stores and chatting over ice cream. It was really awesome to go to some of those same spots now that they are engaged! They sat at the same table to eat their¬†ice cream and Andrew ordered the same flavor. I love it when couples are able to pick locations that are special to them.

Andrew & Kate are so fun together. They laughed so much and you could just tell that they loved being around each other. Often times when I direct my couples into a pose, it might feel a touch unnatural (though it doesn’t look that way at all!), but these two easily fell into each other’s arms and cuddled and hugged like champs! I loved it! One of my “jokes” while shooting is that I love PDA. So anytime they want to get closer or kiss, I am all for it! It kind of sounds creepy… but I just roll with it, hahahaha.

Anyway, narrowing down the images for this post was so difficult, as it is with all the new sessions I’ve been able to capture lately! I’m loving our new city and the new amazing people we’re meeting. Andrew & Kate, I am beyond excited for October!!