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August 4, 2017

Life Update: Houses and Stitches

It’s that time again when I blog to update all my sweet readers about what the Johnsons (or this pair anyway) are up to. And well if you’ve seen the title of this post, you have a good idea!

First, HOUSE! Yes, we bought a house! We are so excited to be home owners and have lots of plans and dreams for this home. We love every bit of it and the neighborhood. It’s going to be great and we can hardly wait to see what the Lord has in store for us during our years in that home and in this new city we are calling home for awhile.

I know you will all be curious about the house. It’s a 2 story farm-esque house with 3 bedrooms! One of those will a designated guest space, so all our out of state family and friends can visit! <3 And Matt and I will still be sharing an office, but it will be significantly larger than before and that’s exciting! The house has a large-for-Louisville yard so Matt gets to mow and I get to garden. As we start and finish projects, I hope to bring you all along for some for the ride. 🙂 But if you’re afraid of missing some behind the scenes, definitely follow me on Instagram.

Second, the stitches… and not the good sewing kind. Sigh. On Tuesday I sliced my finger open while washing (and consequently dropping) an already broken porcelain dish. Yes, yikes! And well, it wasn’t pretty. Thankfully Matt is awesome and kept me positive as we drove to the Urgent Care. The prognosis actually wasn’t too bad. The cut wasn’t crazy deep, but because it was along a knuckle, there would need to be stitches to avoid tearing the glue and/or extensive scarring/bleeding. And so I have 5 stitches in my left index finger. Thankfully it’s not too bad and there’s really no pain; I just can’t lift anything too heavy with my left hand because my index finger wants to bend when I grip and that hurts. I also had to get a tetanus shot since it’s been 10 years since my last and I’d say that my shoulder from that shot is WAY sorer than anything dealing with the stitches. Go figure. So now I can’t really lift my right arm either. I’m seriously a sight this week. Hahahaha.

But all praise to the Lord for it being a minimal injury and AFTER the craziness that was July for me and weddings. All the praise hand emojis! So now, even whilst we move and do house projects, I’m letting my left hand and right shoulder take it easy.

So here’s to a weekend full of house projects and a few small business ones! It should be fun and I’ll keep you guys updated with another “life update” soon. <3