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Neil & Kaylee: A Richwood on the River outdoor wedding Louisville KY None of us knew what 2020 would bring. For Neil & Kaylee, they got engaged and planned for a beautiful 2020 May wedding. Unfortunately, circumstances forced them to postpone to June, but oh my what the perfect day it was. A Richwood on the […]

Churchill Downs Wedding KY

Hello blogging world! I am back! I’ve taken a few years off to have babies (yes, multiple babies if you didn’t know!), but that’s a whole other blog post. This post is all about Tanner & Celeste and their incredible colorful Churchill Downs wedding day. I see so much of myself and my husband Matt […]

The Gardencourt was the perfect spot for their #Brunetsoi·rée with its incredible architecture, lovely gardens, and old world charm. The history geek in me loves all the historical/vintage venues. Kathryn’s dress literally made me giddy and the fact that she was ecstatic to just twirl and enjoy her dress makes her my kind of gal! Peter gave his groomsmen custom engraved pocket watches, which is one of the neatest groomsmen gifts I’ve seen. The flowers were perfect, the food was tasty, the weather was awesome, and the dancing was on point!

Jon & Amanda have an enchantingly kind quality about them that just poured over into every aspect of their wedding day: the stunning old mansion, lovely flowers, family-filled wedding party, personal touches, and sweet, sweet interactions. It was just a wonderful day that I know I won’t forget anytime soon!

Oct 4

Life Update: The Move

I have a whole new respect for military families and those who move on a regular or semi-regular basis. Whew, it’s exhausting! I grew up living in the same home my whole life. My only moving was to college and then in with Matt. Neither of those were that crazy because as a college student […]


Sep 1

Life Update: Louisville

Well, here it is. The announcement I’ve kept secret for nearly a year. We’re moving to Louisville, KY! I know this seems a little crazy and sudden, but this plan has been in the works for months and months. I remember being in Phoenix last year around this time and getting a text from Matt. […]


Aug 31

Life Update: We Moved!

You read that correctly, we have MOVED! We actually moved back at the end of June with some crazy dreams and plans in the works, but nothing set in stone, so we chose not to announce anything to the world just yet. Leaving our first home was surprisingly and not surprisingly really emotional for me. […]