September 1, 2016

Life Update: Louisville

Well, here it is. The announcement I’ve kept secret for nearly a year.

We’re moving to Louisville, KY!

I know this seems a little crazy and sudden, but this plan has been in the works for months and months. I remember being in Phoenix last year around this time and getting a text from Matt.

“What about Louisville?”

That’s when this big dream began.

When we graduated college and were just young newly weds, I saw the twinkle in Matt’s eye when anyone mentioned seminary. He loves to study and learn, especially about theology and the Lord. So when Matt was finally ready to start looking into career, school, and life changes, we brainstormed. And after much discussion of locations and paths, we landed here with Louisville.

Matt has been taking online classes through the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He’s in his second semester and is loving every minute of it. And while the online class has been fun, Matt would love to take classes in person, and I totally agree! So, we have slowly been taking steps to moving.

We’ve been so slow in fact that all our friends have known about the move for a while. We just never made it general public knowledge because of Matt’s job. But he put in his 2 weeks last week and we are going to be making the move this month!

I will be blogging about this life change in the coming weeks, and hope to answer all of your questions both personal and business related. Matt and I have both lived in Virginia all our lives and moving to a different state will be a great adventure!