August 31, 2016

Life Update: We Moved!

You read that correctly, we have MOVED!

We actually moved back at the end of June with some crazy dreams and plans in the works, but nothing set in stone, so we chose not to announce anything to the world just yet.

Leaving our first home was surprisingly and not surprisingly really emotional for me. Despite my qualms and frustrations with our condo, it was our first home. The place where we came home from our honeymoon, the place I learned how to be a wife, the place I started my business, the place of our first projects as husband and wife, and the first place of my own that felt like home.

However, we knew back in 2012 when we bought the condo that it was temporary. It was meant to be our first home and we planned to move on a few years later. But when those years passed and the future became the present, it was sad to leave.

The whole moving, packing, staging, selling process is a whirl wind! I expected it to last much longer, but it all happened so quickly. We listed and sold in 2 weeks and moved out shortly after. Matt and I are currently staying with friends from church who have generously opened their home to us. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time with them, but are ready to move forward with our plans.

We’re still finalizing a few things, but that announcement should be on the blog tomorrow!