May 17, 2018


This is the post that has been a long time coming for many of you. Any time I would post about an announcement or change, the first thing I’d be asked about is babies! Hahaha. Well, for all of those people, this post is for you!!

Yes, it’s true! We’re expecting a new family member coming in September!

Matt and I are so excited to begin this new chapter of our lives. We’ve had a sweet season of marriage for the last 5 years and we know the Lord will bless this new one even more abundantly. We’ve been praying for this little one for the last 5 years and our families have prayed for them even longer. I’ll blog more this summer about our journey to parenthood. It’s been an interesting one! But right now, we’re just so happy and thankful!

I know with each new pregnancy announcement there are lots of questions, so here is my attempt to answer them!

  1. How are you feeling? Now I’m feeling great! The first 3 months were a little rough in the nausea department, but the second trimester has been great. I’m starting to feel little baby movements and it’s equally weird and cool.
  2. Do you know what you’re having? We don’t know and don’t want to! There are only so many true surprises in life and we want this to be one of them. We have zero preference and are just happy to have a healthy baby.
  3. When did you find out? We found out on Matt’s birthday back in January, so we’ve kept this secret for a while! It was snowing outside and Matt had the day off. It was a great way to celebrate such amazing news!
  4. How far along are you? We’re 21 weeks!
  5. When did you tell your family? Living far away definitely made this more challenging, but we were able to make a quick trip to Virginia in February to tell our parents. Remember the basement flood? Yeah, that was the weekend we told our families! Emotional high to emotional low for sure.
  6. Where do the home renovations stand amidst this news? Ha. This has definitely been an interesting tale for us. Thankfully, we have all summer to finish some projects and get the house ready for a baby! Not knowing the gender will also help me not obsess over finishing a nursery and focus on the house since the baby won’t care what the room it sleeps in looks like. Haha. Follow along on Instagram for more frequent updates on all things home (and baby!).
  7. Are you still doing weddings? Of course! My couples are awesome and are so excited for us! I will be doing my fall weddings, just with a little bit of help in September. 🙂

That pretty much sums it all up! Again, we’re so excited and already appreciate all the congratulations and prayers. 🙂