March 7, 2017

Life Update: Our 2017 so far

One of my goals for 2017 is to write more “life update” posts on my blog. Our move to Kentucky has made many of our friendships long-distance, and it’s times like this I am thankful to live in a time with social media. I’m able to follow and communicate with dear friends all over from my computer/phone, and for that I am SO grateful. That’s a two-way street though and that’s where my life update posts will hopefully fill in some gaps!

On my blog, I do try to use a little bit of a filter. I don’t want to use it as an outlet to complain or bad mouth or encourage negativity in any way. But I do try to be honest and truthful. So here’s a sincere and honest look at 2017 for us [more me, haha].

2017 hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions. We stepped out in faith moving to Louisville and have to continue trusting in the Lord to provide.

On the business front, that’s been so hard. I’m slowly growing some roots here and have met a few incredible creatives who I am loving getting to know. But most days and weeks are slow. I have 2 official 2017 KY/IN weddings. YAY for those 2 awesome couples (Sonya & Justin and Corinn & Trey <3)!! One 2018 couple (YAY Sammy & Jessica!) and a few other promising leads. So growth is happening, it’s just slower than I’d like, which really isn’t that slow since we’ve only been here for a few months. I just have to recognize that my business here won’t be the same as it was in Virginia, or at least not yet!

On the personal front, the emotional side has definitely been the hardest. The Lord provided us a new, wonderful church family. We are so excited to be members of Bethany Baptist Church and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our new church family. But I still deeply miss our dear friends and church family back in Virginia. I miss being able to just drop in and visit different friends – having multiple friends who I could meet up with for lunch or to go shopping – those friends who know you and can speak truth into your life just minutes away. Sigh. That’s the hard part. But I know these things take time and that the Lord has so much in store for us here. I also miss being just 3-4 hours away from family. Making “weekend trips” isn’t quite as easy and making that adjustment has been hard too.

Other than finding a church, other personal highlights have been Michele’s visit in January. I loved seeing her and getting to explore Louisville together. Finding out a dear friend from college is pregnant and due in August! Yay! Joining the quilting club at church – the 50-year-old woman inside me is super excited about this. And just finding more balance and structure in the daily life of 2 introverts who work from home.

Overall, things are SO good. The Lord has blessed us so much and really has made this transition smooth and easy for us. My heart just doesn’t always see things that way (Israelites in the desert, anyone?).

So that’s our 2017 life update so far. There will be more to come! But I just wanted to say thanks for reading and “listening” to my heart. <3