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Jan 30

Life Update: House Progress 2

It’s been a few months since I last updated everyone on our house progress. In my last post in September, we had just completed a week of renovation camp with Matt’s parents and uncle. They helped us do so many things; the majority of which was removing walls and installing two beams. Needless to say, […]


Jan 15

Matt is 28!

I’ve been blogging on Matt’s birthday for a few years now, and I love looking back and remembering what stuck out to me about celebrating that milestone with him. First, let me just state the obvious. Happy Birthday, love! I am SO SO SO thankful you were born and that the Lord decided you’d be […]


Jan 3

The New Year 2018

I’m starting off 2018 by writing this new, personal, real, raw blog for those who frequently check my blog on your own. 🙂 Over the past week on social media, I’ve seen so many posts about the excitement and hope of a new year. It’s a year for changes, improvement, and opportunity. And that’s generally the perspective […]


Dec 8

Travel: Charleston WV 5 Year Anniversary

2017 has been a great year all around, but it’s a little extra special because Matt and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for 5 years, but then also not that hard to believe. It probably comes as no surprise for a wedding photographer to love weddings, but […]

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Sep 29

September 29, 2017 Thoughts

Back when I was envisioning how to incorporate Her Heart Is Glad into my photography blog, I wasn’t sure how it would work. And while I haven’t 100% nailed down how I want to go about lifestyle and personal blogging, for now, I’ll just post as I feel lead. I won’t post these thoughts on […]

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Sep 27

Life Update: House Progress 1

It’s update time! So many people have been asking about our new house and I’m finally able to give an update! First, we’ve officially moved in! We spent a month going back and forth from our apartment to the house doing cleaning, painting, putting in new carpet, and slowly moving over boxes and bags of […]

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Aug 22

Travel: Southwestern Kentucky 2017 Solar Eclipse

I’m hopping on the solar eclipse bandwagon with this post, but like so many others, I believe it was amazing! Let me preface this post by saying that this August 21, 2017 eclipse has been on our calendar since the day Matt decided to go to Southern. Literally, as soon as Matt got in to […]

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Aug 4

Life Update: Houses and Stitches

It’s that time again when I blog to update all my sweet readers about what the Johnsons (or this pair anyway) are up to. And well if you’ve seen the title of this post, you have a good idea! First, HOUSE! Yes, we bought a house! We are so excited to be home owners and […]

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Jul 5

Top 5: Things I Would Change about my Wedding

“Karyn, now that you’re married and are several years down the road, what would you change about your own wedding?” I get this question with nearly every new couple I talk to and it’s a good one! I’m fortunate to have a unique position of both being a former bride AND a wedding professional. I’ve […]

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Jul 4

July 4, 2007: Reflections

So I know it’s going to seem a little weird posting an image of the Eifel Tower on July 4th, but this picture and the trip that it came from changed my life. Ten years ago, I took a trip of a lifetime. I went on a two week tour of Europe starting in Rome and ending […]

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Jun 7

Letting Go of Dreams and Creating New Ones

I grew up in a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My family would often visit my grandparents who lived a few hours north in the Shenandoah Valley. And while my family traveled to different states each summer, that little area of Virginia was always my favorite. My grandparents inherited an […]


May 19

Four and a Half Years Reflection

This week was Matt and I’s half anniversary. And while we don’t celebrate it, I’m a dates girl and just love remembering little things like that. While thinking about being married for 4 and a half years, I started thinking about how long 4 years is. 4 years is the amount of time Matt and I […]