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Feb 16

Behind the Lens: Fading Wedding Memories

With it being the off-season, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my business, weddings, and my own wedding. As a wedding photographer, I get asked lots of questions about the decisions I made for my wedding – what I’d change – what advice I would give to other brides-to-be, and I have […]

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Dec 12

Behind the Scenes 2017

Alright, it’s that time of year again. The embarrassing behind the scenes photos of me on a wedding day. Haha. Wedding days are a whirlwind. So many things are happening. People are setting up decorations, the wedding party is getting all dolled up, family arrives from out of town, food is had and drinks are […]

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Nov 1

Feature: Kentucky Bride Magazine

I’ve never really been a very goal-oriented person, despite as much as I’ve tried! It’s such a stretch for me. So when it comes to features, I just make it a part of my workflow to submit engagements and weddings pretty regularly. But it’s always been a dream to be published in a magazine. Last […]

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Jul 19

Behind the Lens: Being Authentic Online

The past few weeks I’ve seen post after post about being authentic online. I suppose it’s more of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon and not an actual increase in posts about authenticity, but I felt compelled to share my heart on this new subject. I guess for me there are two types of authenticity: being real about my […]

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Jul 5

Top 5: Things I Would Change about my Wedding

“Karyn, now that you’re married and are several years down the road, what would you change about your own wedding?” I get this question with nearly every new couple I talk to and it’s a good one! I’m fortunate to have a unique position of both being a former bride AND a wedding professional. I’ve […]

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May 30

Behind the Lens: Long Distance Marriage

I started the “Behind the Lens” series a few weeks ago to begin sharing a little more about myself. My dream of this new blog and website is to not only blog on Her Heart is Glad more spontaneously, but to also plan more strategic personal posts for my photography blog. I love reading personal […]


May 18

Art of Photography: Why Different Lenses Matter

When it comes to photography, there are so many factors that make up an image. Generally, we see how things like the subject, background, editing, camera (phone vs. dslr), and maybe even light change pictures. But there is SO much more that goes what makes a photo look the way it does. One of those […]

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May 2

Album: Marcus & Samantha

In addition to wedding day coverage, I offer beautiful, timeless wedding albums. Marcus & Samantha chose to invest in a beautiful, linen album of their gorgeous preppy wedding day last summer. And now it will sit on their coffee table as they welcome a new baby into the world this fall. I love it! That is […]

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Apr 28

Why I love photography

For anyone who has friends who own small businesses and “launch” brands and wonder if their excitement is real, it is! Going through the “branding process” is a lot of work, especially for small businesses. As a marketing major in college, I learned a lot about branding, but it was mostly focused on the end […]

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Apr 27

The New KJP

With the launch of my new website and visual brand, I wanted to add a little bit of an explanation. A lot of the time you see new logos and designs, but never really know why. Well, I am excited to explain. 🙂 When I started my photography business back in 2010/2011, I had no […]

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Apr 24

Welcome to the new Karyn Johnson Photography!

It’s here! It’s here! Oh my goodness, I can hardly believe this is real life and that this is my actual website and not the mockup that I’ve been loving and staring at for the last month. Eeeek! There is so much to say about my new site and all the amazing features that Elise […]

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Apr 20

2017 Website & Branding Update

Alright, friends. I’m the worst with surprises. I always end up “letting the cat out of the bag” and if you’ve been following me over on Instagram, you’ve gotten a lot of hints about this… so take a good look around this website because as of this weekend… it’s gone! I’ve been working closely with […]

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