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April 20, 2017

2017 Website & Branding Update

Alright, friends. I’m the worst with surprises. I always end up “letting the cat out of the bag” and if you’ve been following me over on Instagram, you’ve gotten a lot of hints about this… so take a good look around this website because as of this weekend… it’s gone!

I’ve been working closely with my dear friend Elise of Mark Branding Boutique to completely redo my visual branding and website. It’s actually funny because when I first started chatting with Elise, I wasn’t really looking to totally redo everything. I just wanted a website revamp and to work on SEO since I’ve moved to a new market. But Elise is just so talented and hit the nail on the head with every single design. I struggled through this process trying to define my ideal client and photographic style. And I sat on 2 logos for about a month trying to decide between the two because they were both AMAZING. But I am beyond thrilled with what we selected and can hardly contain my excitement to show it to you! It’s way different than what I had before and steps outside a lot of boundaries I see from other photographers. And basically, I’m just super excited for everything!

It is our hope to launch and move everything over within a week. So here’s to hoping we have no technical issues and that everything flows smoothly, though I have faith in Elise! Take a good look around here friends and be prepared for something so, so lovely! Ahhh!