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April 28, 2017

Why I love photography

For anyone who has friends who own small businesses and “launch” brands and wonder if their excitement is real, it is! Going through the “branding process” is a lot of work, especially for small businesses.

As a marketing major in college, I learned a lot about branding, but it was mostly focused on the end product: profits. And while that is a big the reason we small business owners work; We all have bills to pay and lives to live. It’s just not the reason we actually opened our doors or why we work day-to-day. The branding process walked me through a lot of business planning and strategy, but also soul-searching. My business is branded around me and how I see the world.

My story began in Europe. I had the privilege to take an amazing 2 week trip to Europe and I wanted to document everything. I loved the architecture, the history, the culture, the FOOD, the sky, the people. I loved it all and wanted to capture it all.

That trip prompted a lot of growth in me, but also sparked an awareness of time (which is a whole other topic I could write on and on about). And I came back with a heart to capture as much as I could on camera. I photographed people all throughout college. Some of my fondest memories were captured on camera, and as I get older, I’m finding I remember less and less and those photographs and others mean the world to me.

My favorite personal images are ones that evoke emotion and allow feelings and thoughts to flood back. These are usually pictures that show people interacting with each other or interacting with the world around them. A couple making silly faces at each other, a child running through his grandparent’s field, a bride adjusting her necklace and mom watching from across the room, a lone piece of cake on the floor. An image, just like a smell, taste, or song, can have a profound impact on your life. Even for just a moment, they can take you back to a specific place of feeling making memories come alive.

This combined with my heart for marriage and the covenant created with your spouse and Christ fuels my desire to photograph weddings. I want my clients to not only remember their wedding day and have it documented, but I want an image to be able to instantly put the bride back in the bridal suite full of anticipation to see her groom or the groom at the end of the aisle watching his mom wipe tears from her eyes full of love and gratitude for his upbringing. I want to capture people for who they are and what makes them come alive.  A wedding day is full of so many emotions, so many people the couple loves, so much significance. If any day in your life needs to be documented and captured by a professional, it should be this one.

I’ve only been married for a little over 4 years, but my memories from our wedding day are fading. I can’t totally remember what happened, but what I do remember is what happened in the photos we have and how grateful I am that those pictures not only exist but are professional quality. They aren’t blurry and hard to make out or crazy colors or so grainy I can’t see the beautiful details.

Photography is such a treasure and it truly brings me joy to be able to offer a photography service as my job.

With wedding season upon us, it’s that time of year to turn to 2018 pricing, so if you’ve kept an eye on my investment page, you’ve seen them go up. However, I wanted to announce that for any 2017 couple who is looking for a wedding photographer, I will be offering my 2017 prices through the end of May! So, if you are interested in my services, please head to my date inquiry page and I’d love to chat with you!

And if you’re still reading and got through all that, thank you! You are why I do what I do for a living and I’m so thankful for you! Drop me a comment below to let me know who you are. 🙂 <3