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Feb 1

Justin & Sonya: Downtown Louisville Engagements

Moving to Louisville has had its challenges, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding. And one of the rewards is getting to meet new people. Going to college was kind of like this, opening up a whole new world of people with different worldviews. And again, I get to experience that by moving to a new […]


Nov 15

Tristan & Lauren: Classic Nautical Engagements

Being from the western side of Virginia, I’m always surprised when I hear friends say that they are “boat people.” But I’m learning more and more that boating and being on the water is a way of life loved by many, and that includes these two! Tristan & Lauren met and live overseas, and more […]


Oct 26

Zach & Laura: Fall Lake Lanier Engagements

It’s finally starting to feel like a real fall and this engagement session is a perfect picture of that! The colors of the leaves are beautiful around the lake and Zach and Laura looked so fall-esque in boots and sweaters. I love it!  Zach and Laura are seriously “the cutest” as I told them at […]


Jun 8

Owen & Hannah: Classic Downtown Richmond Engagements

Growing up in southwest Virginia meant that I didn’t visit Richmond often. If I did, it was on a school trip with very specific stops preplanned for me. I never really thought much of the city. It’s our state’s capitol and way more of a city then what I was ever used to. But that […]


Jun 2

Douglass & Blair: Yorktown Beach Engagements

Photography is a unique business in that it is both a service and an art. And because of those two elements, it can be hard balancing customer service and artistic vision. That’s why after couples inquire about my services, I’m looking for someone who has looked through my portfolio and likes what they see and […]


May 26

Robert & Shannon: Romantic First Landing State Park Engagements

It feels like it’s been raining here in Virginia for weeks. Days pass by where the sun was no where to be found. The ground has been saturated with water and every where you step there’s a big patch of mud. I prayed the whole weekend that the sun would soon shine again! And wouldn’t […]


Apr 13

Ben & Hannah: Old Town Alexandria Spring Engagement

season has started off gradually… one engagement session here, one engagement there, all until the madness of the end of April and June officially begins! But I have been loving slowly getting back into the swing of photography. Ben & Hannah are dear friends of ours. We love them and their family and I was […]

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Mar 31

Michael & Morgan: DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

Living in southeastern Virginia, I don’t visit DC often. But when I get the chance to photograph an awesome couple during the cherry blossom peak, I am all for it! These cherry blossoms are the perfect backdrop for any photo, but especially for some romantic engagements! We were at the Tidal Basin with about a […]


Feb 25

Colby & Callie: Northern Neck Engagement on the Rappahannock

It all started on a snowy day 2 years ago. Two guys were locked out of their apartment. Seeking warmth while they waited for a replacement key to arrive, they knocked on a door. Two women answered; they offered a warm place to wait, good conversation, and dinner. It was then that these two met and […]


Oct 29

Jay & Stephanie: Smithfield Engagement Session

Have you ever heard of the six degrees of separation theory? I don’t know how true it is in every situation, but I do find as I keep getting older that the world feels smaller and smaller. I keep meeting incredible people who know other awesome people who are already in my life and it’s […]


Jun 4

Spencer & Kelley: Eyre Hall Garden Eastern Shore Engagements

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is such a beautiful, but overlooked area of Virginia. I love the views of the water and the quaint feel of the farmland and history. It’s my kind of place by the sea instead of in the mountains. Kelley is an Eastern Shore native. She and Spencer met at college […]