June 8, 2016

Owen & Hannah: Classic Downtown Richmond Engagements

Growing up in southwest Virginia meant that I didn’t visit Richmond often. If I did, it was on a school trip with very specific stops preplanned for me. I never really thought much of the city. It’s our state’s capitol and way more of a city then what I was ever used to. But that was kind of all. It hasn’t been until my adult years and with the help of awesome couples (like Owen and Hannah!) that I’ve really come to know and enjoy all the unique qualities of Richmond!

Owen and Hannah live and work in Richmond. It’s a city fairly new to both of them and they have fallen in love with it as they have with each other. For their engagements, they wanted an urban, industrial vibe showcasing their new home. We walked and explored areas of the city I didn’t even knew existed! From Great Shiplock Park to the Canal Walk to Church Hill to their apartment (an old tobacco plant converted into modern apartments), we saw the sights!

Spending time with Owen and Hannah was so much fun. These two are super sweet with a touch (or maybe more than a touch) of goofiness and I love it! They are so fun together and truly just fit. Thank you both so much for letting me capture your relationship at this unique stage in life and I’m so excited for October!