February 1, 2017

Justin & Sonya: Downtown Louisville Engagements

Moving to Louisville has had its challenges, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding. And one of the rewards is getting to meet new people. Going to college was kind of like this, opening up a whole new world of people with different worldviews. And again, I get to experience that by moving to a new state and city.

Justin and Sonya are two people who I am thankful to have met. These two are so kind and incredibly sweet. In just our short time together, I fell in love with their love for each other and to service others as Christ calls us. Hearing about their heart’s desire to use their lives, skills, and professions to grow the Kingdom only proved to me again just how divinely and perfectly the Lord works. So incredible.

Justin and Sonya met in Louisville, so they wanted their engagement photos to really reflect the city they know and love. We chose a few iconic spots to show off the town. The first was the Big Four Bridge which is nearly as “Louisville” as you can get without a baseball bat 😉 and then ventured to Joe Ley Antiques, a three story antique story downtown. Our whole afternoon was a lot of fun and I can hardly wait for June!