January 24, 2017

Exploring Louisville with Michele

For Christmas, my friend Michele got me the best gift: she came to visit for a long weekend! Yay! Since she moved to Arizona in 2014, we haven’t gotten to see her very often. I visited her in Phoenix a few years ago, so it was only perfect that she come see me this time around!

It was perfectly timed for many reasons, but one was that it finally gave Matt and I an excuse to get out and explore Louisville! With the cold weather and unpacking/settling, it just wasn’t a top priority. But with Michele in town, we wanted to see some sights!

Our two biggest stops were downtown Louisville and Churchill Downs. But there was also a decent amount of shopping both of the clothing and grocery variety, food stops at Chick-Fil-A and Doc Crows, and watching of The Crown (which is a topic for a whole other post!).

Thankfully, some of the weekend was documented with photos! I love photography and capturing weddings, engagements, and portraits, but I can be SO bad about not documenting our personal life. Michele sweetly reminded me to document our time together and I’m so glad she did!

The first place the camera made an appearance was at the Big Four Bridge! I love history and so this bridge was super cool, even if it was a little dreary and chilly.

Then we went downtown and saw the Louisville Slugger Museum and famous baseball bat outside. This is when we ate at Doc Crows and I totally meant to take a picture of it, but I forgot and ate it all before remembering… hahaha. It was just SO GOOD.

Michele also visited over Matt’s birthday, so we went out for a special birthday lunch. We picked Eat-A-Pita which was phenomenal. This veggia peta was delicious and a must-get-again.

Then our last big stop was Churchill Downs. Matt and I knew that the Kentucky Derby was a big deal and large celebration. We just didn’t really know where it happened or what it was… haha. Well, it happens here in Louisville at Churchill Downs, which is actually fairly close to the airport and UofL. So, we saw a totally new side of Louisville and learned about horse racing and the history of the Kentucky Derby. Now, I’m itching to actually go to a race! It doesn’t have to be THE derby, but a smaller one would be super fun.

I loved having Michele here! It was so nice to see a friendly, familiar face in this new city that we’re still trying to figure out. But I if I learned one thing while she was here, it’s that Matt and I do live a pretty boring life. As Michele and I coined it, I’m actually a 50 year old woman in a 26 year olds body. Hahaha. But that’s totally fine with me! I like it that way. So, after she left, we went home and I curled up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and went to sleep. Hahaha.

Thank you so much Michele for conspiring with Matt and coming to visit me. It was a great weekend and the best Christmas gift you could have given me… other than, you know, actually moving to Louisville. 😉