January 15, 2017

Matt is 27!

I am someone who deeply thinks about time and memories and the passing of time and memories. And the holidays, new year, and our birthdays make me think about how much time has passed.

Today my husband is 27. It blows my mind pretty regularly that we’re this “old.” We are adults who have jobs, pay bills, and actually own our things. And I just have no idea when all that happened. The 19 year olds we were when we started dating seem so close, but so distant at the same time. And it’s hard to believe we’ve watched each other grow for nearly a decade.

I’ve loved each year we’ve spent together and the adventures each has brought. I love the man Matt has become and the man he continually strives to be. I’m so excited to have a front row seat to his passionate pursuit of theology, his strategically placed goofiness, and his incredible love for me, his family and friends. I think 27 is going to look so good on him.

Happy birthday, love!