October 29, 2015

Jay & Stephanie: Smithfield Engagement Session

Have you ever heard of the six degrees of separation theory? I don’t know how true it is in every situation, but I do find as I keep getting older that the world feels smaller and smaller. I keep meeting incredible people who know other awesome people who are already in my life and it’s just so neat to see how sovereign our God is. For me and Jay and Stephanie, there is only one degree of separation! Jay’s roommate in college was one of my neighbors growing up. And the crazy thing is that neither of us knew that when we initially met! So cool!

And I am beyond thrilled that our paths crossed. Jay and Stephanie are two of the coolest, sweetest, most adorable couples I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. They say they’ve never done this before (this being getting professional photos taken), but they acted like pros the entire afternoon! I mean seriously, they’re adorable and this is a new all-time favorite session!

Enjoy lots of my favorites from the perfect afternoon we had together! I am loving all this light!

Jay & Stephanie, thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me! I am super excited for your wedding next June!