November 15, 2016

Tristan & Lauren: Classic Nautical Engagements

Being from the western side of Virginia, I’m always surprised when I hear friends say that they are “boat people.” But I’m learning more and more that boating and being on the water is a way of life loved by many, and that includes these two! Tristan & Lauren met and live overseas, and more of their story will come in their wedding post next week! But these two love the water. Paris is land-locked, but as a former seaman, Tristan spent a lot of time on the water and being a Newport News native, Lauren did the same (just non militarily, haha).

We chatted and strolled the docks and beaches of the Kingsmill marina. I had such a lovely time getting to know Tristan & Lauren. There was never a dull moment. Tristan is hilarious and could put a smile on Lauren’s face in a split second. And Lauren’s laugh and the way she crunches her nose is so adorable. 

Because they live overseas, we couldn’t schedule their engagements until just 2 days before their wedding, but I’m so thankful for this time together. Plus, it made their wedding day run so much more smoothly because we had gotten the chance to get to know each other before. So I’m sharing these with you now, but I’ve actually already photographed their wedding too! That will come next week and it is truly an elegant, Parisian inspired affair that you don’t want to miss. But for this post, enjoy their classically nautical engagements!