June 4, 2015

Spencer & Kelley: Eyre Hall Garden Eastern Shore Engagements

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is such a beautiful, but overlooked area of Virginia. I love the views of the water and the quaint feel of the farmland and history. It’s my kind of place by the sea instead of in the mountains.

Kelley is an Eastern Shore native. She and Spencer met at college their senior year. Their story is beautiful starting by meeting at a concert that was rescheduled 3 times. The first 2 dates the concert was scheduled for conflicted with Kelley’s schedule, but the last one didn’t and that night, she met the love of her life. How incredible!

They’ve been together for nearly 5 years and spent a good chunk of that time apart. Distance is the worst! But Spencer, knowing that Kelley was the one, picked up and moved to the Eastern Shore to be close to Kelley. That same day, he proposed and now they’re planning their wedding, which happens to be exactly one year from today!! Yay! I am SO excited for their wedding because if it’s anything like their engagement session, I am going to be hardcore swooning all day!

The Eastern Shore is known for it’s beautiful gardens. One of those is Eyre Hall. It’s open to the public daily and let-me-tell-you, it’s gorgeous! This garden took our breath away as we wondered through the boxwood lined paths and smelled the perfectly blooming peonies. I hope to one day go back to this amazing location and hopefully see the other beautiful Eastern Shore gardens!

But until then, I’ll just have to look at these images over and over. Enjoy lots of my favorites!