February 25, 2016

Colby & Callie: Northern Neck Engagement on the Rappahannock

It all started on a snowy day 2 years ago. Two guys were locked out of their apartment. Seeking warmth while they waited for a replacement key to arrive, they knocked on a door. Two women answered; they offered a warm place to wait, good conversation, and dinner. It was then that these two met and have been together ever since! What a fun and appropriate story from all the winter weather we’ve had this year!

They got engaged in December and are getting married in April! So exciting!! I’m a huge fan of the short engagement (that’s what Matt and I did!) and am so looking forward to outdoor ceremony in Bedford.

For their engagement photos, we met at a spot that is near and dear to Colby. He grew up on the Northern Neck and spent weekends, summers, and college breaks hanging out at his friend’s home that is right on the Rappahannock. It is such a picturesque spot! And I could totally see how you could have fun there with the beach, trails, hammock, docks, boats, woods, and there apparently was even a zip line. So fun! I love going to places that are so special to my couples. We had a lovely time walking the property and reminiscing. Colby and Callie are so sweet together and I loved photographing them. As always, enjoy lots of my favorites. Maybe one day I’ll learn to narrow down these posts! Haha.