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January 4, 2018

Cherokee Park Door to Nowhere Winter Engagement

Cherokee Park and Door to Nowhere Engagement:

Most of us across the country are definitely feeling winter! It’s been cold EVERYWHERE. My scarves, thick socks, and winter coat have been getting a lot of use!

On New Year’s Eve, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Peter and Kathryn to do their engagement photos at the Door to Nowhere. These two Californians braved the cold so well, even if their generally 70s and sunny LA weather had spoiled them a bit. ūüėČ But let’s be real, I was super cold too and I was extra bundled up because I didn’t have to look pretty. Haha.

Despite the 19 degree weather, we had a lot of fun! Peter and Kathryn met in California as videographers. They get the chance to work together a lot and are currently both working on a television show. How super cool is that?! As a photography/camera nerd, I felt totally starstruck. Haha. I bombarded them with so many questions because it sounds so cool!

I am beyond excited for their wedding in September. It will be significantly¬†warmer and a fantastic day! Eek! But for now just enjoy these super cute photos! Kathryn’s winter style was on-point! I’m secretly (or not so secretly) googling where to get a similar¬†adorable dress-like coat and cozy knit hat. And not to leave Peter out of the gushing because guys wearing scarves are one of my favorite¬†things! So together, they were the perfect winter-19 degree day pair for their engagement photos at Cherokee Park and the Door to Nowhere.

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