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October 19, 2022

Portland Maine Anniversary Trip

Since having kids, it’s been harder for Matt and I to get away for anniversary trips. We really wanted to do something special for our 10 year anniversary, so with the help of Matt’s parents taking care of the girls, we were able to travel to New England! It was so hard narrowing down exactly where in New England we wanted to visit, but Portland, Maine won us over for our anniversary trip. It is so beautiful! Though, now I have a renewed desire to travel to all kinds of places in New England. We will for sure be back!

Matt and I are chill travelers. We don’t want a ton of activities planned. We just like to walk, explore, and eat, haha. And we did all that and more! We saw some beautiful lighthouses and Atlantic coastline. Downtown Portland was really neat and had so many cute shops. We loved stopping for gelato and blueberry soda. It was such a relaxing, fun time. And in all transparency just to emphasis the tired parent angle of this trip, we slept A LOT, hahahaha. We’d have dinner, walk around until dark, and then get back to the hotel and be asleep by 9:30/10. We were like this is what happens when you don’t have to make dinner, clean up after dinner, clean a house, or put kids to bed. Even without the girls present, things are still different post children, lol.

Time away with Matt really reminds me of how much I enjoy just the two of us. With toddlers, it’s hard to get that time to yourselves, but wow it was wonderful. It was like “the old days” before children and while I love my kids, I love the foundation I have with Matt. He’s my best friend and favorite person. I’m so thankful for him and this time away. Enjoy a few photos from our trip. I’m trying to decide which I want to print for our bathroom, haha.

Portland Maine Coastline
Portland Maine Portland Head Lighthouse
Gorgeous Gelato Portland Maine
Portland Maine fall colors red-orange tree

And seriously, if you are getting married in New England and want a wedding photographer who creates timeless photos, I would LOVE to go back!! Just contact me!