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August 20, 2018

August 20, 2008 – That First Day

Her Heart is Glad is my personal blog that stems from my college days. I updated that blog pretty regularly for 4 years and even a little post college and in my early newlywed days. I love putting my fingers to the keys and just typing about personal topics. I’m not able to do that as regularly anymore, but I have created this outlet to do so from time to time!

One of my early blogs was a memory of August 20, 2008 written on November 27, 2009. Here’s an excerpt from the blog titled “First Day”:

Remember the first day of each school year?

So much preparation: notebooks, trapper keepers, grippers, folders, Lisa Frank pencils, bookbags, that first-day-back outfit. So much thought went into that first day…

Even for college! Such a monumental day.

Now thinking back, that day was special for all the obvious reasons. First day of college, moving into my dorm, start of band, etc, etc. But there is another reason why this day, August 20, 2008, was special. I’ve never been able to place the exact place, moment, day that I’ve met someone before. Not until now.

It was afternoon. I would say between 2:00 and 2:30pm. I remember my audition time was for around 3. Katy (my roommate) and I were sitting on the loading dock of Squires with our instruments in hand. I had my freshly printed audition music in front of me (because I had left mine at home and printed it again in my RAs room about an hour before) and was sitting there with my mind wrapped around getting VPI Victory march right, when a boy walked out the doors to the loading dock. He carried a saxophone case. Katy and I exchanged glances with me giving her an eye to talk to him. He was a saxophone, so was she; it seemed logical. He took his saxophone out of his case, leaving Katy and me with wide eyes because it looked like an antique. Perfect. Conversation starter. At this point, I don’t remember who said something, Katy or me, but the next words uttered were, “Wow, that’s a cool saxophone.” This boy then proceeded to tell us about how it was new, and that he loved it.

Then finally, introductions.
“I’m Katy.”
“And I’m Karyn.”
“I’m Matt.”

That’s it. That moment. 🙂

So crazy. It’s SO crazy. Really? I’m smiling at the computer.

God totally had a plan. It’s so obvious. He had a plan. An amazingly awesome plan that I still have a hard time grasping.