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March 12, 2018

Austin & Abbie: Southern Bed & Breakfast Engagements

I know the months of November-March aren’t the most ideal for photos. The grass turns brown, the trees are bare, and of course, it’s generally COLD. But there is just something so lovely about wintertime, even without snow. The light is softer and more flattering because the sun doesn’t get quite as high in the sky. And there are fewer distractions to take away from the beautiful subjects in the images. So I am ALL FOR winter sessions. 🙂

Austin & Abbie were brave enough to ride out a winter engagement session with the threat of some rain. I’ve known Abbie for years and she kept saying that she trusted anything I saw. She’s so sweet and an absolutely beautiful model! She and Austin are so adorable together. They make each other laugh and they enjoy just being together. I loved hearing their proposal story and how Abbie was totally aloof to his plan. I also love how Austin & Abbie accessorize. Abbie had adorable monogrammed earrings and lovely suede wedges while Austin rocked perfectly folded pocket squares and a monogrammed shirt. These two are so stylish. And as a sock aficionado, I appreciated Austin’s fun socks and that he wore special diamond socks when he proposed. So sweet and totally Karyn approved.

Abbie’s family is friends with the owners of the Stuart Hill Bed & Breakfast located right down the road from where she grew up. The B & B is so quaint with it’s wrap-around white porch, porch swing, barn, and southern charm. The home itself was built in the 1800s as the home for a famous plantation owner’s grandson. Isn’t that so fascinating? The property over the years has changed hands quite a bit, but it has been restored and turned into a delightful B & B. It was the perfect location for their engagements and we’re hoping to stop by again for their wedding this summer.

Austin & Abbie, thanks so much for braving the rain, mud, hills, and slight chill. I had a blast with you two and am so, so, so excited for June!