Engagement, Photography

June 27, 2017

Jon & Amanda: Mount St. Francis Engagement Session

One of the unique qualities of Louisville is that it’s right on the border of Indiana. And it’s not just any state border, Southern Indiana is beautiful. For what this part of Kentucky lacks in hills and mountains, Southern Indiana makes up for it! As soon as you cross the Ohio River, there are rolling hills as far as the eye can see, and I love it. If we hadn’t already done the “living on the other side of the river bit” in Hampton Roads, we might be house hunting in a different area! Haha.

But regardless, Southern Indiana is beautiful and is the home of Jon & Amanda. For Jon & Amanda, their story began as any modern tale would: Instagram friends. Somehow the two were connected online for a few years and then decided to meet. And well, that was it! The two immediately fell for each other and the rest is history. Speed a few years forward and now they are engaged and planning a wedding! Yay!

And it was obvious from the very start of their session, that they are best friends. They laugh together, are silly together, and just enjoy being together. They made this session such a breeze and so much fun. I love Amanda’s laugh and how easily Jon can make her eyes smile. Jon is easily one of the most photogenic guys I’ve photographed too. These two kill it in front of the camera and I am beyond excited for their wedding day.

We had a perfect afternoon at Mount Saint Francis walking around the grounds. It is such a neat area and I’m so glad they introduced me to this quaint little gem. I am slightly obsessed with the picturesque lilypads and their ukuleles! So cool! My little nerdy photographer’s heart can barely handle it. Haha. Enjoy my favorites from our time together! Thanks, Jon & Amanda for hanging out with me for the afternoon and I am so looking forward to next May!