May 16, 2017

Christy: Mellwood Arts Center Louisville KY Headshots

One of the most fun, but also most difficult parts of moving is making new friends. As a true introvert, making friends is HARD. I do not like putting myself out there and doing the “small talk” thing. But it’s just something that has to happen to meet new people!

But then, when you meet someone and it doesn’t feel like a brand, new friendship, but feels like you could’ve been friends for years, I remember how wonderful it is to meet new people! I met Christy a few weeks ago and instantly felt like we could’ve been friends for years. We laughed and chatted about love, life, and photography. It was so great. We both wanted a few updated headshots, so we decided to a headshot-swap!

We met at this super awesome location (Christy’s recommendation!) the Mellwood Arts Center. This space is the coolest with old walls and alleys, and I would go back in a heartbeat!

Enjoy a few pictures of Christy! She rocked it in front of the camera and behind because I got some awesome headshots too! Be sure to check out her stuff too on her website.