July 21, 2015

Drew & Christy: Sinkland Farms Wedding Riner Virginia

From the moment Christy and I began emailing last winter, I knew that her and Drew’s wedding day was going to be an absolutely beautiful one. As Christy began to nail down her vision of the day and expressed to me her excitement about having neutrals with pops of purple, I started to swoon! Those colors, in the mountains, with a gorgeous bride like Christy meant that this girl was going to be in photographer heaven and sure enough that was true!

Not only was it a beautiful day with pretty flowers and dresses, but it was a joy to watch Drew and Christy become husband and wife. These two are so sweet and generous. It was such fun hearing stories of how these two grew up, loved their families, and cared for one another. Weddings like these remind me just how special my job is. Drew and Christy had a sweet, Christ-centered ceremony that brought tears to my eyes! Nothing, not even pretty purple wedding details, make this heart more glad than to see two people who love the Lord commit themselves to one another in Biblical marriage.

Drew and Christy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share in this beautiful day with you both! I hope you had an amazing time in Croatia! Enjoy lots of my favorites! This may post may just be the longest in the history of this blog! Haha. Yay!

I was loving these colors! But then again, I am partial to purple!

New favorite ring shot! I love my new macro!!

First look time!

Christy had an amazing vision of herself and her maids and I absolutely loved their style!

Tried to get creative with this bridal party shot, even in mid day with no clouds, I think it turned out really awesome!

Christy, girl, how is it possible to be so pretty?!!?!

A ceremony overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains. I was in heaven. Mountains are my favorite.

Drew was getting a little emotional during the ceremony, so Christy decided to help him out by making funny faces. Haha.

With a venue, like Sinkland Farms, you have to take full advantage of the amazing views. It was 90 degrees, sunny, with no shade anywhere, but we all decided we would make it work. And I’m so glad we did! These are some of my absolute favorite portraits and they were taken in less-than-ideal full sun light.

A massive thank you to Drew & Christy for hoping in this wheat field without skipping a beat. You both are awesome and it was SO worth it!

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare thumb war!

Drew’s brother was his best man. Nine years ago, Drew was the best man at his wedding. At that wedding 9 years ago, Drew gave a roast… I mean toast at his brother’s reception. 🙂 And well, let’s just say that 8 years is a long time to wait for payback, but I think it’s safe to say they can now call a truce. The best man had everyone cracking up with his props and stories. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place! Hahahaha.

There was an indoor dance floor, but there was also seating and games outside. Drew and Christy’s reception had such a fun, casual, drink, eat, relax, talk with friends, kind of feeling. I loved it and so did their guests!