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May 2

Album: Marcus & Samantha

In addition to wedding day coverage, I offer beautiful, timeless wedding albums. Marcus & Samantha chose to invest in a beautiful, linen album of their gorgeous preppy wedding day last summer. And now it will sit on their coffee table as they welcome a new baby into the world this fall. I love it! That is […]

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Dec 14

Ryan & Karissa: Ice Cream Church Wedding

In November, I ended my wedding season with this pretty purple ice cream church wedding! I love calling it that! So many things I love in one sentence! Haha! But seriously, Ryan and Karissa had a lovely wedding day. I adored all the purple details, the wedding monogram, the delicious ice cream bar, the overall classic […]


Nov 29

Tristan & Lauren : Elegant Parisian Inspired Wedding

From the moment Lauren emailed me, I knew this would be an incredible day. Lauren is living the dream. Not only is she living and working abroad in Luxembourg, but she met her husband in Paris. A small town American girl majoring in French and moving overseas meeting a French man and falling in love… […]


Nov 8

Owen & Hannah: Fall Mountain Big Spring Farm Wedding

Virginia is a beautiful place with it’s rolling hills, county side, and mountains. But fall in Virginia just adds a touch of magic, especially at a place like Big Spring Farm. Views of mountains, a quaint pond, and colorful leaves made this the perfect spot and time of year for a wedding. Owen & Hannah […]


Oct 27

Michael & Morgan: Grace Estate Winery Wedding

If it wasn’t obviously at their engagement session in April, it was very obviously on their wedding day. As college sweethearts and continuing their relationship for years after, Michael & Morgan are deeply in love. The way they look at each other and hold each other… ah, it just melts me. And not just me, […]


Oct 20

Brady & Emily: Modern Nature Center Wedding

When I think back to college, I think of the campus, the football, maybeee classes, but mostly friends. And one of those friends is Brady. I’ve known Brady since 2008 (crazy!) when we were freshman at Tech and have always enjoyed his personality and sarcasm. In those early years of college, he understood my sarcasm […]


Sep 21

Douglass & Blair: Hornsby House Inn Rainy Wedding

Hurricane Hermine kind of came out of no where. The forecast for Yorktown had read sunny all week. Blair and I chatted on the phone discussing final details and everything looked great! But then just 3 days before the wedding, Hermine decided to crash the wedding. It was rainy and windy. You could see the […]


Aug 11

Ben & Hannah: Madigan’s Waterfront Occoquan Wedding

I am going to try to write this post without using too many exclamation points, but I just don’t know if it’s possible (I’m trying so hard not to end this sentence with one!… opps… haha.). But I am so very excited to share this wedding with you! As I said last year when I […]


Jul 7

Marcus & Samantha: Cousiac Manor Wedding

When driving to the Cousiac Manor, I got off 64 and thought, “I must almost be there.” But then I kept going, and going, and going…. until finally. There it was: set around lush, golden fields and sparkling, blue water. It took my breath away. What an incredible location for a wedding. Marcus and Sam had […]


Jul 1

Jay & Stephanie: Planter’s Club of Suffolk Wedding

When I think about the length of nine years, it kind of blows my mind. Nine years ago I would have been 17 and to think about how much has changed in those 9 years is crazy. How different I am, my friends are, my family is, and the world around me. So different. But […]


Jun 9

Spencer & Kelley: Eastern Shore Garden Wedding at Elkington

“I can’t believe this is all happening. Everything is exactly how I imagined it would be.” Those were Kelley’s exact words as she arrived at Elkington. That is exactly how every bride should feel! According to Kelley’s bridesmaids, they said that she had been planning for this day since high school. But that the day […]


May 31

George & Caitlin: Bright Lynchburg Grace Church Wedding

This wedding was so special to me. As I wrote in their engagement session post, George and I go all the way back to high school, but we also both went to Virginia Tech where we became better friends. So much so that George felt like an older brother. At George & Caitlin’s engagement session, I […]