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Yesterday was Raceday

Today’s post is a little different. I’ve done weekend recaps in the past, and it’s possible those will return one day, but for now my Mondays are scheduled more for rest and less for work. But today, I just wanted to blog about this weekend. This weekend was one for the books that I’ll always remember, so bare with me as I get a little nostalgic and emotional.

Yesterday was raceday at Martinsville. Racing, Martinsville, and Jeff Gordon are all a huge part of my childhood. After I went away to college and got married, I haven’t followed them as closely. Life happens and interests and priorities change. But it’s interesting to think that most of the people in my daily life don’t know about my country, Nascar roots.

From 1997 onward my family has been huge racing fans, some years moreso than others. But I have so many fond memories of being at the Martinsville Speedway, waiting to catch a glimpse of Jeff Gordon, and taking in the sights and sounds and smells of raceday. 

So, with a combination of an off weekend, Jeff Gordon’s last Martinsville race, and family attending, we decided to take our only off weekend until December and go to the race. 

I’m a person who has a deeply vivid and personal connection with memories. Sometimes these memories are so heavy that it’s hard for me to remember that they’re actually memories and not the present. And yesterday, I was in a whirlwind of present day Karyn mixed with all these memories and experiences of the past. It’s enjoyable, but almost a burden for my heart as well which is why I think I have such an emotional attachment to them.

The day, though, was wonderful. The rain held off, traffic was great (shockingly!), and I got to spend the day reliving my childhood with my family and with Matt. It was so nice to share that experience with Matt too. It’s like I was able to invite him into a piece of my past. And on top of all those already wonderful things: Jeff Gordon won. It was a fairytale end to cap all those memories. 

It was a great weekend. 

And this morning as I think about yesterday and those now memories, I’m just so thankful. Thankful that I have such fond moments to reminisce and relive. I’m thankful to have something so sweet to remember. A time where life seemed to stand still and perfectly align. I don’t know if God cares about the sport of Nascar, but what He did for my heart yesterday through Nascar is nearly overwhelming and such a love note from Him. I don’t deserve days like yesterday, but I’m so grateful for them.

Yesterday was raceday and a day I’ll remember forever.

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