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Weekend Recap Feb 27-Mar 2

A Monday weekend recap!

From left to right.

All the snow makes me feel less left out from the rest of the north east! New York was a lot of fun, but I was ready to be snowed in in MY house. You know? Well, the weather did not disappoint dumping nearly 10 inches of snow over the past 2 weeks here in Hampton Roads. Woot! Woot! Everything is just so beautiful covered with snow. I know it can be a pain. Matt and I were in our car for over an hour making what normally would be a 20 minute trip just to go to diner! But I’ll deal with that anytime if it means a coat of fresh powder!

Matt and I have a tradition of taking an anniversary trip each year for our anniversary. Our first anniversary was celebrated in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and this year was in Saratoga Spring. New York. Last year while in Rehoboth, I took a picture of our rings… a year later. And so thought up the idea of taking a picture of our rings each year to see the progression of wear. Unfortunately because it was SO frigid in NY, I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of our rings. Setting up a ring shot takes time and it would mean having to not only take off my gloves, but to subject our rings to me trying to go fast and potentially losing them in all the snow! So I decided to just take a picture of them at home if it ever snowed… and it did! Yay! So this is our 2 year anniversary (a few months late) ring photo!

And finally this weekend was filled with food! Since I got a Fitbit for my birthday (thanks, Michele!!), I’ve been trying to just MOVE more. And that can mean doing little jobs around the house like laundry and overall cleaning. But I’ve found that cooking can really add up the steps! So I’ve been trying to cook more and to make it different. Matt has always been a fan of the soft and crunchy taco, so instead of having terribly unhealthy and questionable Taco Bell, we made our own tacos with soft and hard shells held together by cheese. Matt is such a trooper because his plate always looks prettier than mine, so he patiently waits for me to take a photo of his nice looking food before he can eat it. He’s a good husband! Love you, dear. 🙂

Overall, our weekend was great getting to relax a bit, actually attend church (because it wasn’t snowed out!), and see some friends that we don’t get to see often.

Despite the weather, this is one of the last few weekends where we don’t have a lot going on. The next two weekends are filled with workshops, sessions, and meetings! All of which I’m super excited about… and by the end of that it’ll almost be APRIL! Crazy! But I’m super excited for the 2015 wedding season and can’t wait to see where this little business goes!

Happy Monday, friends! Have a wonderful week!

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