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Weekend Recap Feb 2-9

Hello friends!

It’s another Tuesday edition of the weekend recap, but you’ll quickly find out why!

This is less of a weekend recap and more of a WEEK recap!

Matt and I have been in upstate New York for the last week! So yes, we were there with all the SNOW. And I LOVED it. Can we please get some of that snow here? Seriously this rain is depressing and I KNOW the people in New York and New England would be thrilled to send some snow our way!

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Anyway, Matt was asked to travel to New York for business. The conversations about him traveling for work started in November and we thought it would be a great little anniversary trip for us (since our anniversary is in November). But that kept getting pushed off and off until BAM a week before in February they said “You’re going on Monday!” and that was it! So we rearranged some schedules, booked flights, and had a nice little mini vacation/anniversary trip.

While I loved the snow, it did dampen a few of our plans. We wanted to take the weekend and visit Niagara Falls! But with all the snow, it just would have been a little dangerous travel-wise AND there would have been the high likelihood that it would have been too foggy or snowy to actually SEE the falls. And I think that would have been worse that not going at all. So we stayed in Saratoga Springs for the weekend and spent some time in Albany. As usual, I took lots of photos and will share those with you soon! We’re hoping Matt will get to travel again in the summer and then see the falls!

Overall, it was a great week. I got to do a lot of relaxing, snow watching, tea drinking, and sight-seeing. Those things make me quite the happy girl!

I will say, though, that I am glad to be home. Seeing our car, house, bed, and things was a very welcomed sight. It’s nice to travel, but it’s even better to come home after all that and truly appreciate what you have.

I hope you have had a wonderful week too! Have a great Tuesday, folks!

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