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Weekend Recap April 24-27

Whew, life has been busy! We’ve logged a lot of hours in the car, visiting with new and old friends, and behind the camera. Sometimes I feel a little bogged down and a little overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, but then I take a step back and realize that I am living my dream. I love photographing couples in love and capturing those moments for them, forever. It’s such a priceless job and all the long hours and drives are all worth it!

So here’s our well worth it weekend recap!

This weekend consisted of an engagement session, wedding, and bridal session! So much pretty! At engagement sessions when the couple changes clothes, I usually take the ring and do a few ring shots. I am very careful with the ring and keep it on one of my fingers the whole time when I’m not shooting it. Usually I put the ring on my picky or pointer finger, but it’s always fun when the bride and I have the same ring size because I get to briefly wear double diamonds! Haha.

We visited Virginia Tech this weekend. Each time we go back there I get a serious case of nostalgia. So many memories, but so much beauty. I love that place.

I love shooting in the western part of the state for lots of reasons, but one is getting to visit my parents and my childhood home. As a child, this view of the backyard, the best climbing dogwood tree, and the swing set was frequently seen. Oh how I miss long summer nights running around with the neighborhood kids pretending and creating. Fond, fond memories.

And finally something that I am super, super excited about is our mini portrait session with Chelsea Anderson Photography!! Ahhh! She teased us last night with this sneak peek and I can hardly wait to see the rest! Chelsea is a dear friend whom I’ve gotten to know more recently and she has been such a blessing in my life! More photos from our anniversary(ish) session to come soon!

This is normally when I would just introduce all the sneak peeks from the weekend, but I wanted to make sure that if you missed yesterdays post, you should definitely check it out! There’s an announcement of a big change to my online presence! Everything is getting a facelift and I’m so excited to launch everything on Thursday!!

Ok, now to the sneak peeks! More will come in the next few weeks!!!

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