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Weekend Recap Apr 3-6

A Tuesday weekend recap again! With my first wedding of 2015 coming up this weekend (YAY!!!), it’s likely that this may happen more often that not, but that’s why it’s called a weekend recap and not Monday’s recap of the weekend… or something more catchy than that. Haha. Anyway, our weekend:

From left to right, first row then second. 

1. The biggest and most exciting news is that there is a new KJP family member that will be accompanying me to all my 2015 weddings! I have been saving for this lens for quite some time. I originally had enough for him last fall, but I decided it was more important to have a professional back-up camera than to buy a lens (and I’m SO thankful to have my back-up!). So now that I have my backups (because you never know when I could drop a camera or when a shutter will fail on you), I can continue to build my lens lineup. I’ve rented this guy for every single one of my 2014 weddings, so I know he will be used frequently this year! Now to start saving up for a macro! Woot!

2. These cookies have become my new go-to snack. As most of you know I have a sweet tooth. It probably really should be sweet teeth. All of my teeth like the sweets. But I’ve been trying really hard to cut down on the sweets for all sorts of reasons (overall health, known family diabetes, etc.), and this little 100 calorie cookie pack is AMAZING. They have the best flavor with the perfect amount of chocolate chips. With 100 calorie packs, I usually demolish it in no time and wish there were more, but with this one it feels like it keeps going and going! I look in the bag and I’m like “There’s still 3 more?! Score!” These also happen to pair incredibly nicely with an afternoon spot of tea (I’ve always wanted to say that!). Trader Joes, thank you for this amazing low-calorie snack!

3. I have the BEST clients! Seriously. From walking in tall grass and baring cold windy days to responding to emails quickly and completely, they’re all so wonderful! I’ve even had some clients send me their save-the-dates and invitations. I cannot express enough how happy this makes me! I love not only seeing my images on their save-the-dates, but seeing the invitation before the big day gets my creative juices flowing and every time I pass them hanging next to our kitchen I think of them! So if you’re a future KJP bride reading this and you have an extra save-the-date or invitation laying around, I would LOVE to see it! 🙂

4. There’s a theme of food in this post… hahaha. I do love food. It hasn’t been until my adult years that I’ve realized the greatness that is popcorn. It’s airy popped quality means that I can have a whole bowl of it and only consume about 150 calories. It’s amazing.

5. Easter. It is one of my favorite holidays and times of the year that often gets overshadowed by Christmas. We’re guilty of this as well. We didn’t really make any special plans or even have a special meal like we do for Christmas. But going to church and hearing the resurrection story and having all the events leading up to Sunday was exactly what this heart needed.

6. We did venture out Easter evening to have a dessert social with our small group. There’s no better way to remember what Christ did for us than to fellowship with other believers and know that because He sacrificed himself and rose again that we can have eternal life. How amazing.

And finally I wanted to post a sneak peek of an anniversary session! I mention


quite frequently on my blog because she so sweetly asks me to accompany her at weddings and we have a blast! But this time, I had the honor of capturing her and her husband Ryan with some cameos of Gracie! Haha. Can’t wait to share more!

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