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Travis & Kristy: Glencoe Kentucky Farm Engagement

The more I see of Kentucky, the more I love this beautiful Bluegrass State. Initially when we moved here, I was disappointed that I didn’t see rolling hills or mountains and farm land. But just a short drive up I71 brings you to the most gorgeous little town: Glencoe.

High school sweethearts Travis & Kristy met and live in the little town where everyone knows everyone. As we drove, they would mention who lived in what homes and even knew the history of old roads and locations. It was so neat. A few years ago, the two purchased an old farm house with some land and have been working to make it their home. I adore their house and loved hearing stories of finding old tombstones from the 1700s and newspapers from WWII as the insulation in the home. Crazy cool stuff. But it gets better! They also have COWS. This small town, semi-country gal loves her some cows. They are so cute! And their diary cows did not disappoint! They pretty much acted like big dogs and I absolutely adored watching them.

Travis & Kristy are a wonderfully laid-back, easy-going, sweet couple. They never hesitated when I asked them to walk through mud, traverse through overgrown grass, or let the cows into a different pasture so they could be included in the photos. I cannot tell you how much I love these photos and really feel like I caught a glimpse into their lives and love story. They’ve been together 11 years and are going strong. I’m so excited to be a part of their wedding day and to watch them become husband and wife!

Enjoy lots of my favorites from our time together. I love, love, love them all. The quaint overgrown creek, the amazing scenic views of the rolling hills and railroad, and of course the cows and the incredible sunset we were treated to right at the end of our time together.


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