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Top Five: Perks of having One Car

You might not know this about Matt and I, but we only have one car! I get asked all the time “How does that work? How is it even possible!?”  It definitely has it’s challenges, but there are also a lot of advantages. So here are my top 5 perks to having only one car!

1. Money. I would guess this one is pretty obvious. But having only one car means having only one car payment, one car having maintenance, one car to fill up with gas, and one car to clean! 

2. Reliability. Because we only have one car, we have a reliable car. Last summer, when Matt’s corolla from college died, we decided to purchase a new car specifically because it’s our only car. We don’t have an additional car to use while the other car is in the shop. So it just makes sense for us and it’s been a blessing this last year! 

3. Communication. Having one car means that Matt and I have to communicate about when we need/want to use it. We are more aware of each other’s needs and comings/goings because we are forced to discuss it. There’s also a lot of sacrifice and discipline. Somtimes Matt has to sacrifice leaving work right at 4 or having a vehicle to drive him to a meeting. Or I have to discipline myself to plan my errands all for one day. It’s a challenge, but one we’ve been able to handle for the last 3 years and has probably helped us grow closer in the process.

4. Friendships. So this might seem a little strange, but I have developed new friendships because I’ve had to ask for rides. I can even think of a few woman whom I’ve only begun a relationship with because they would come pick me up! Sometimes it’s hard asking someone for a ride, but most of your friends are glad to do it and it gives me an excuse to have a meal with them and pay for it! 

5. Staying home. While having one car does help me develop/grow friendships, it also gives this introvert a great excuse to stay home. I usually lump all of my errands into one day a week so that the other days I can stay home and truly either enjoy that alone time or dedicate that time to work. If I had a car every day I would spend a lot more time going out running just one errand and wasting a lot of time/gas that way. 

Having one car is not for everyone! It works for us in this season of life, but I’m sure there will be a day when we look into getting another vehicle. For now, I’ll enjoy the perks of only having one car! 

Have a great Wednesday, friends! 

* Photo circa Karyn’s 365 project in 2012!

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