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Top 5: Favorite Pampered Chef Products

Growing up, my dad sold Pampered Chef products for a brief period. From that, my parents acquired quite the stocked kitchen! There was barely ever a time when something I needed was missing. And on top of having a variety of kitchen items, they were nearly always a great quality product. But then college happened. I inherited hand-me downs. The pre-Pampered Chef stuff  and oh. my. gosh. noooooo. A lot of those items were the worst and as someone who cooks often made it more of a chore than a delight. I’m thankful I didn’t have to cook for more than one often. 

So when Matt and I were walking through Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond registering for our wedding, I couldn’t help but compare everything to the Pampered Chef products I grew up with and loved. Everything in the store felt flimsier or finicky and I left thinking, “If only we could just register with Pampered Chef!”

Well little did I know that you could! But instead of just registering with Pampered Chef, my mom threw us a party! My mom is a teacher at the high school I attended, so she had a party for all of her work friends who wanted to help Matt and I out as well as get a few things they needed for themselves! We had a nice time chatting, watching the demonstration, and then eating the freshly prepared food. Then afterward all the orders rolled in; not only from the ladies would attended the party, but from other people who heard my mom had an open party (so think people from church, family friends, FB acquaintances, etc.). It was awesome! So by the time it was all said and done, we got SO many items that we went back to our box-store registries and took off a ton of items because we knew we were getting things that we loved! 

So, if you are registering for your wedding and are like Matt and me who cook often and appreciate quality kitchen products, either register at Pampered Chef or have someone throw you a party specifically celebrating your wedding. We loved it and my mom even got a few free things out of it too. 🙂 

Here are my top 5 favorite Pampered Chef products that we own. I seriously use these ALL the time!


1. Chef’s Tongs

This is probably the item we use most! From bacon to carrots to rice, we use these for everything. Three things make these tongs awesome. First, they are rated to be heat resistant up to 600°. I’ve had too many cooking utensils start melting at the end and become a pain to clean and a danger to my non stick pans! That leads to the second reason these tongs rock: they work with non-stick pans. Matt and I own ONE stainless steal pot; everything else is non stick, so we need non stick safe cooking tools. And finally, these tongs have a neat locking system. If you are holding the tongs so the silicon tips are facing up, the tongs lock. When you face them down and squeeze, they unlock! They’re super cool, easy to store, and make you look smooth while you cook. 


2. 10″ Griddle 

My love for the griddle began in college. My grandmother gave me a hand-me-down that wasn’t terrible and I fell head-over-heels. Lovingly referred to as the “quesadilla maker” in my apartment that old pan got a lot of use. So when picking out what new items we wanted, I knew that a new griddle would serve us well. Making quesadillas, frying bacon, cooking pancakes, grilled cheeses, eggs, anything that is flat or needs to be flipped and this guy is our go-to! Flipping is SO much easier with the little lip on the side (instead of your food sliding up rounded edges of your pan) and getting an even cook across your whole piece of bread or slice of bacon is a breeze with this flat surface. I love the griddle.


3. Scrapers 

These guys frequently accompany the tongs and griddle on the dish drying towel. One of the biggest things I found while registering for our wedding is that the scrappers in the store are flimsy! Not these guys. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the scraper part falling off or food getting stuck under it. And while I have all the scrapers featured, I will admit to having favorites. The tiny ones are just more convenient for some reason! They stir more thoroughly and fit perfectly in cans, even the baby tomato paste ones! And the best part about them is that they DON’T STAIN! I’ve used them for tomato sauce, multi-berry crumbles, recipes with red wine, and they’re still as white as they were the day we got them! And that’s even after leaving them all gunked up overnight… I mean I never do that… haha.


4. Can Opener 

My parents have had this can opener for years, but I never thought anything of it. Matt and I, for whatever reason, didn’t order one before the wedding with our party-money. We did, however, get what looked like a nice opener from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, so we didn’t think anything of it. The opener worked fine for nearly a year, but then slowly started to become a pain to use. It stopped cutting the can open and I’d just turn and turn and turn the handle to have NOTHING done. But then it would occasionally cut the can making a major mess of metal can and food. We threw away a few cans due to parts of the can breaking and falling into the food. So sad. We decided it was time to order the Pampered Chef one. And it actually works and is smooth and no metal can gets in our food again. Ah… it’s like it’s mean to work like that.


5. Ice Cream Scoop

This is another item I grew up with and took for granted. Again, it wasn’t until college that I realized the awesomeness of this ice cream scoop. Something about the combo of the material and design make it the best to slice through that frozen, creamy goodness. Just don’t put it in the dishwasher!

Those are my top 5 favorite Pampered Chef products! I cook every day and like to make that job as enjoyable as possible which only happens when I have good tools to do so! If you also cook often and are feeling the frustration from terrible kitchen tool, consider looking at the Pampered Chef ones. We love the ones we have and will continue to use them for years to come!

** I DO NOT sell Pampered Chef and am writing this as my own opinion.**

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