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Top 5: February

Today I’m starting a new series titled “Top 5” which will literally just be a series in which I talk about the top 5 reasons, items, etc. I like about various topics. It’s just a little something fun that I am [maybe a little too] excited about!

And I’m kicking off February with none other than my top 5 reasons why I love February!

1. Snow. It wasn’t until I was in college that it finally hit me. December isn’t really “winter” in Virginia. We always hope for a white Christmas and snow days, but the majority of the beautiful powder doesn’t generally show up until January/February. I LOVE snow. There’s just something about a fresh blanket of white snow that is magical. You see the world through a different lens and it’s such a unique experience. And February brings that for me!

2. Valentine’s Day. It should be no surprise that I, as a wedding photographer, love a holiday dedicated to celebrating love! Haha. I know a lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day. They see it as a commercial holiday made up just to increase sales of greeting cards, chocolate, flowers, red hearts, etc. But Valentine’s Day for me isn’t really those things. It’s way more low-key. For me, Valentine’s Day is a helpful little reminder to show my husband I love him… uniquely. Of course, I show my husband love each day, but very rarely is it in the form of a romantic meal or special outing. I know I’m not alone in saying that we often get caught up in daily life. Work, meals, obligations, sleep, etc. And we forgo the romantic, sweet, first-started-dating blissfulness of our love. And honestly I prefer that because I would get so tired of it on a daily basis, haha. But it’s nice to have Valentine’s Day to remind us that that kind of love is still there and maybe to have an excuse to eat out. Haha.

3. Girl Scout Cookies. This one also may vary from state to state, but here in Virginia, February is girl scout cookie delivery month! I remember spending the whole second half of the month distributing cookies and selling extras outside of the local Kroger (in the cold with all that snow, haha). But seriously, girl scout cookies are awesome.

4. Amethyst. It’s pretty obvious that I love the color purple. And February’s gemstone is a beautiful purple amethyst. I used amethyst as inspiration for my website and visual rebrand last year and I still really love it. I’m not really sure where the gemstones assigned to months tradition came from, but I really think my love for purple began because of it!

5. My birthday. And as hinted above with my love for amethysts and purple, February is my birth month. I don’t know if that’s why I am partial to February. I think I’d like it regardless of actually being born in it, but I just think it’s super fitting that I was a February baby. I’ve had many “white birthdays”, I get to open a fresh box of Samoas, and I get to enjoy the color purple all within this month. It’s the small things that make this heart glad.

These top 5 reasons are what make February my favorite month of the year and I’m excited to see what February 2016 brings. 

Happy February, friends!

** All photos were taken with my phone… or are super old circa whatever camera I used in 2009! 

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