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Top 5: Favorite Poses

I have some fun top 5’s coming in the future, but today I figured I’d keep it basic and photography related! 

I blogged a few months ago about struggling with posing when I first started in photography. It can be super intimidating to be in control and telling someone what to do to look “natural”. But thankfully, it’s something I have become comfortable with now and something I actually enjoy!

I’ve experimented with lots of different poses over the years and these 5 almost always end up being my favorites at the end of sessions. Of course, it greatly depends on the couple and I always try to make their comfort my number one priority with posing followed closely by what they look best and natural doing. But my top 5 favorite poses seem to ring true for most of my couples, which is probably why they are my top 5!

5. Arm Hug

Posing for Wedding Couple | Bride and Groom Portraits

This is one of my favorite ways to love on Matt. We can be standing in line somewhere or he can just be standing looking at something and it’s so easy to fall into this pose. I call it the “arm hug” or “cuddling up on his arm” pose. It’s a little complicated to explain, but as soon as brides fall into this position, I can immediately see them relax. It’s just so natural.

4. Side Hug

Bride and Groom Photo | Plantation Wedding | Posing for Wedding Couple

Whenever you ask couples to get together for a picture, they almost always fall into the side hug! Because this feels so natural (and looks that way too!), I incorporate it into my posing flow and usually love the results.

3. Holding Hands 

Posing the Bride and Groom | Authentic Natural Poses

Every relationship has different mile stones: some large and some small. And holding hands is one of those first small milestones! Haha. And because it’s something so everyday, it’s super comfortable. I love having my couples hold hands because it can give some distance between them (so not super lovey-dovey) but still give them a point of connection so it doesn’t look awkward.

2. Facing Each Other

Romantic Bride and Groom Photo | Bridal Veil

To my couples, this is lovingly referred to as “bellybutton to bellybutton”. I heard that phrase used by Natalie Franke and loved it! When I would say “facing each other” people would leave so much space between them! When my couples face each other, I want no space! I want all the touching (another phrase my couples and bridal parties hear frequently, haha). And while this one sounds the most awkward it is almost always one of my (and my couples) favorites as well as the one that gives the most authentic smiles and interactions. I think that being so close to the person that you love makes it easy to love on them and that shows through the camera.

1. Holding Hands while Walking

Bride and Groom Photo | Sunset Portrait | Blue Ridge Mountain Wedding

Poses are nice and pretty. But for me, nothing beats a good ol’e walking hand-in-hand candid photo of two people who love each other. I’ve been trying to incorporate more natural, unposed moments into my portrait time and this is my favorite way so far to do that! 

I’ve got lots more information on posing that I hope to one day blog about! But for now this little tid-bit will have to due! 

Have a great Wednesday, friends!

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