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Top 5: Favorite Household Chores

Chores. What a terrible word as a child! Haha. But they are something so very necessary, especially as an adult not only to keep your home nice, but also for your sanity (or at least mine!). 

Now, I want to start off this post by saying “favorite household chores” doesn’t necessarily mean I like doing them all the time. But if I got to pick, these are the chores I’d like to do. There may be a list in the future about top 5 least favorite ones too… haha. Yay for marriage and selfless husbands who do those for you (taking out the trash, anyone?).

Anyway, here are my top 5 favorites household chores:


1. Cooking

Karyn likes to good | karynjohnson.photography

Of course, my favorite “chore” is cooking! I watched my grandma, mom, and dad cook over the years and I think their skills have helped make me interested in acquiring the same ones. I am by no means an awesome cook. I’m just a girl in a kitchen who tries to make things taste good. Haha. I cook pretty much every day. Our meals are nothing fancy at all and are use a pretty limited set of ingredients because of my picky pallet. But they taste good to us and that’s all that really matters! Haha. 

And from time to time, they look pretty and I document them via Instagram.


2. Dusting/Decorating

So decorating isn’t really a chore, but I tend to redecorate when I dust so they are just one in the same for me! I mean, you’re already moving everything so you can wipe down the surface so you might as well take advantage of that time! Frequently redecorating (which basically just means moving the same set of items from one place to another within our condo) makes me dust more regularly and that leads to a happy creative homemaking heart and happy allergies! 


3. Making the bed

Comfy cozy bedroom

As a child, I just didn’t understand why one felt the need to make a bed every day. If you’re going to just get back in it the next night, it’s pointless! Haha. I guess I still understand that thought, but things drastically change when you start sharing a bed with another person! Covers get pulled one way or another and if you don’t at least straighten the covers each day, someone is not having the comforter or sheet or both the next night! Plus, I now love how a made up bed looks. A room feel so much cleaner and inviting when the bed is made and a stack of decorative pillows are neatly placed in front of the headboard. 


4. Washing laundry

So I actually semi-enjoy washing clothes. The laundry detergent smells so nice and I love the idea of my clothes getting cleaned! Matt and I also separate our lights and darks in the hamper on a daily basis, so that makes sorting super easy! So washing isn’t bad, but don’t even get me started on folding… eh.


5. Cleaning the kitchen

Clean yellow kitchen with cherry cabinets

Actually cleaning the kitchen isn’t a favorite. Honestly, I kind of despise washing dishes. But it’s the calm, relaxing feeling a clean kitchen gives me that makes me put in the effort and makes it a favorite chore. I just cannot start cleaning the rest of the house if the kitchen is a mess. A dirty kitchen also prohibits me from cooking the next meal, so it really is a must!

I always find it so interesting how different people enjoy different things (like accounting… seriously how can people like that?!). But it’s great because you can find people to do a job for you that you don’t like! Haha.

Have a great weekend and do those chores! 🙂


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