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August 29-Sept 1 Weekend Recap + John & Michele Sneak Peek

This weekend was the busiest we’ve had in a long time and a first for lots of reasons! Our Labor Day weekend recap.

1. Matt and I drove down to the Outer Banks on Friday, so we wouldn’t have to deal with Saturday morning traffic and feel rushed before the wedding. We met our friends Dani and Ryan for a late dinner and movie. We saw “The Giver” and it was really good. I have not read the book and cannot comment on that, but the movie itself was very thought provoking and well done. I recommend it!

2. This was my first double duty wedding as bridesmaid/photographer. This picture basically sums up what it looks like. Haha. It was a crazy and hectic day, but I’m so thankful I was able to fulfill both roles! There will be a blog post later about how it’s possible. But a huge thank you goes out to Dani of

Dani White Photography

for helping me out! That is her picture shown above.

3.  This was also the first long trip we’ve taken with our new car! Hello fantastic gas mileage, yay! Also, this was my first double header weekend where I shot a wedding on Saturday and then second shot with Dani on Sunday! As you can tell from the clock in the picture, we got home late, but I love my job don’t mind the late nights.

4. Files. Oh. my. goodness. When you shoot 2 weddings in one weekend and have a second shooter, there are so many files. My poor little laptop struggles but it’s still going strong! Hopefully a desk top is in our near(ish) future.

And finally, what you probably clicked on this post for: a sneak peek of John & Michele’s beautiful beachside wedding!

I just loved the mint and navy nautical/beach theme! Plus, John and Michele are just awesome in front of the camera. You can just see how much they adore one another!! Ah, I am very excited to share the full wedding in a few weeks!

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Here’s to a short work week!

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