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May 30-June2 Weekend Recap

This was an off weekend for me and I enjoyed every minute of being with Matt and relaxing at home! I slept in Saturday morning for the first time in months and spent a lot of time with Matt on the couch. Both of which I love to do. 🙂

 1. After our trip to IKEA last Monday, Matt has been hard at work putting together our new entertainment center! It’s looking soooo good!! There is just one more part that suspends over the TV between the two tall shelves. Because it suspends, it’s a little trickier to put it together, so that part may take a few weeks to put together. But I’m looking forward to it!

2. On Saturday I received a super exciting package! My new Jo Totes Rose camera bag arrived!! So exciting! I’ve been lugging around this teeny tiny camera bag my mom gave me when I first got my D5000. It was perfect when I had the one camera body and lens, but now that my camera gear collection is growing it’s just too small! So this new camera bag will be loved and used well! Plus, it’s pretty!

3. I got another fun package this weekend: test prints! I recently signed up with White House Custom Colour and I’m really excited to use them as my main source for prints. I’ve heard great things from them and I am loving my test prints! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

On top of loving the prints, I’m also really impressed with my computer’s screen. My college laptop from 2008 is still going strong and the screen still has fantastic color! It’s even better than Matt’s laptop which is 4 years newer! Thank you Daddy for picking out this laptop for me! He knew what he was doing 6 years ago!

4. For my upcoming wedding, the bride and groom are having a glow stick exit. I wanted to practice the exit shot, so Matt and I bought glow sticks and then had some friends over to wave glow sticks around outside our condo. Haha. While the practice was a total fail on my part, it helped me learn lots of things. Like did you know that your AF assist light will not be on if you are in continuous focus mode? Haha. Crazy! But Matt and I had a really fun time with Josh and Ann! We are so thankful for their friendship!

It was a fun, relaxing weekend, but I am so ready for my busy June! Lots of weddings and lots of learning! I’m so thankful to pursue a career I love and I don’t think that will ever get old.

Happy Monday, friends!

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