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June 20-23 Weekend Recap

Another recap of our weekend!

1. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to assist photographer

Katie Delorme

! She posted online a few months ago that she needed an assistant to help roll film at her Williamsburg Winery wedding. I responded to the post thinking that it would be a long shot to be picked, but I was! Ah! I was SO excited!!

It was absolutely awesome to watch Katie in action! I am so thankful for photographers who are so generous of their knowledge. Katie answered all of my questions (which were quite numerous!) and was just such an absolute blast. She’s seriously terrific and I’m thankful to have met her! She recently moved to Seattle, though, which is kind of a bummer for us on the east coast. But if you live in Washington State and need a photographer, definitely shoot her an email!

2. On Saturday while I was hard at work rolling film, Matt was hard at work doing house projects! Matt’s dad came down and spent the day with Matt finishing putting together our TV cabinet, which included suspending some cabinets on the wall. Then Matt also put together our new desk and another cabinet for storage. I’m super excited about our new furniture (thanks, IKEA!) and can’t wait to see how all the storage helps us out! Haha.

3. Last weekend was really busy, so we didn’t really get the chance to celebrate Father’s Day. With my parents being 4+ hours away, it’s hard to see them each month, especially on actual holidays when the traffic is killer. But my parents visited my grandparents this weekend to celebrate Father’s Day. My dad, brother, and grandfather went to a father-son banquet. I know they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And while we couldn’t physically be there to celebrate with them, I did get to talk with them on the phone and it’s always nice to hear loved ones voices.

The picture above is from a disposable film camera in 2005 when my family went to Disney World! People say that my dad and I look alike. I would have to agree. Let’s just hope I don’t inherit his gray hair anytime soon! Haha. Love you, Daddy. 🙂

However, a perk of being married is that I now have 2 families! Matt’s parents only live about 30 minutes away, so we are able to make that trip more often! We visited them yesterday and had a lovely post-Father’s Day meal and watched the US World Cup game. And when I say we watched, I mean, they watched while I napped. Haha. I’m not a big soccer fan, but I can enjoy a good game and have a ton of respect for those guys running so much for so long! I totally couldn’t do that! Haha.

I’m thankful to be in a season of life where our weekends are fun and filled with learning, projects, friends, and family.

Have a great week, everyone!

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