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June 13-16 Weekend Recap

It seems like when you are in your twenties and you’re a wedding photographer that you attend a lot of weddings! But it’s rare that I have back-to-back weddings for friends and that’s just what happened this weekend. Here’s a recap of our weekend staying in the 757.

1. Friday night some friends from our church invited our Sunday school class over to their home for a cookout! Matt and I love fellowshiping with our church family and are so thankful they like us too! I snapped this picture of Matt playing with Dane. Matt is going to make such a great father… one day that is! Just not anytime soon. Haha.

2. On Saturday I had the opportunity to not only attend, but to second shoot a friend’s wedding. It was a lot of fun shooting, but also knowing that Matt was there. Haha. I could run over to him, say a few words, and then go back to shooting. Thanks,


for trusting me to represent your brand and to capture Micah and Krystyna’s day!

Micah was part of Matt’s small group in college and now works at the shipyard too! We love it when our paths cross with old friends in our new world. The picture above was taken by


at our wedding!

3. And this might not seem like a big deal, but I am working on branding myself better. I keep tweaking my blog here and there, but my Facebook page “look” wasn’t quite right. So this weekend I put together a little collage for my business page! I think it more accurately represents my brand and my current work! It’s a small change, but it’s a step in the right direction! So if you want to head on over to my

Facebook page

to see the new collage (with new pictures from Brian and Abbi’s wedding), leave it a like and tell me what you think! Next official brand update: headshots.

I hope you had a nice weekend as well! I officially only have one more wedding for the summer and then I have a good amount of time off. I have no idea what I’ll do with all my freetime, but I’m hoping some projects are in our near future. 🙂

Happy Monday, friends!

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